#1 Staffing solution for the restaurant industry
The Story

Pared is a labor marketplace for restaurants. It is a real-time operations and logistics platform that solves urgent staffing issues for restaurants and provides flexible employment to restaurant workers. The app pairs restaurants with on-demand workers and enable restaurants to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively hire trained staff.

The Challenge

Pared's vision is to create a solution to help the restaurant industry by solving staffing issues for restauranteurs while giving cooks the ability to earn more money and gain experience. Our challenge was to design and build a real-time system that worked reliably across various technologies and user personas.

Services offered

  • Wireframing

  • Visual Design

  • Rapid Prototype

  • Strategy

  • Web Dev

  • Mobile Dev

  • User Testing


Pared Pros

Help restaurant pros find the perfect gigs

Never miss an opportunity

With Pared Pros, restaurant workers can identify gigs based on their specific skill set.

Workers can quickly scan gig details, work hours, ETA which makes it easy for them to spot the right opportunity quickly and act on it immediately.

Advanced search function

Advanced filters by roles, pay rates, urgency, distance to restaurant help workers sort and find the best gigs that offer the best rate.

Favorite workplace

Pared puts the power in the hands of restaurant workers by letting them curate a personalized list of their favorite restaurants via post-shift reviews. This allows workers to privately pick out restaurants that they want to come back to later. Pared then matches workers with their favorite restaurants to build consistency of service for the restaurant.

Availability settings

Workers have full control of their schedule and are able to achieve work-life balance. Pared allows workers to set available times such that notifications from shifts only appear in their available time.

Pared Book

The perfect staffing solution for the restaurant owner

Total control of staffing

Pared Book needed a completely different design to enable a restaurant owner to understand when they needed additional horsepower and how much. The calendar view allows owners to create and manage shifts on dates and times that they know are traditionally busy.

To ensure a high rate of gig-booking, we designed a bar showing the estimated rate for the shift based on roles and time of shift. If the shift is urgent, the restaurant owners can use a slider to increase the rate to encourage workers to take the gigs.

Favourited pros by location

Like Pare Pros, we let restaurants curate a personalized list of favorite pros. It allows restaurants to privately pick pros that they want to work with later and increase worker satisfaction.