about us
Team iLabs

Who we are

We are a group of designers, engineers, product managers and innovators with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that delight users and exceed their needs.

Our goal is to help build great software companies by combining the Silicon Valley hustle with a business' core area of expertise to deliver quality product at break neck speed.

Our skills

User Research
Visual Design
Backend development
Mobile development
Web Development
Product Management

Our leadership

Ours is a hands-on leadership team. One or more of the folks you see below will be working on your product directly. We mean actually working, not overseeing. We mean designing, coding, tracking metrics, road mapping, writing specs and leading every project our company touches. We enjoy the grind, all there is, is the grind.

Rohan is a detail-oriented and passionate self-starter. He is very organized and energetic and will both motivate and push everyone around him to be their best. Rohan leads product direction for several of our customers. He backs up his product intuition with strong metrics.



Sicheng (Steve) Xu is an seasoned technologist with 12+ years of experience leading both web and mobile projects. Steve has worked on several high usage mobile and web apps and drives the overall technical direction for our team.



Loc brings 14 years of directed web and mobile experience, crafting compelling product designs and user experiences across the mediums. He previously co-founded JobAlchemist, Inc., a Y-Combinator backed startup. With 100+ products under his belt, Loc ensures that your products are world class.


Head of Product Design

Ben has 10+ years development experience leading large scale web and mobile projects. Previously cofounded Hivemapper and JobAlchemist, Ben has delivered critical mobile and web applications to thousands of customers, from startups to government agencies


Engineering Manager

Drew is a highly motivated Product Designer with a zeal for curating human-centric experiences. With a background in graphic design, Drew has over 10 years experience applying fundamental design concepts to technology driven products within the industries of enterprise, education, and gaming.


Design Manager

Linh is passionate, strategic thinker with a strong background in marketing, user research, branding and project management. Joining Interactive Labs since 2015, Linh has put tremendous effort into ensuring the success of every project she’s in.


Design Manager